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Developmental Delay

While each child develops at his or her own pace it is important to recognize red flags for potential developmental delays in children. These delays are significant lags in one or more areas of physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth. If your child experiences a delay, early treatment is the best way to help him advance.


Physical therapists play a vital role in treating developmental delay with a particular emphasis on the physical and gross motor component. As experts in appropriate movement patterns and development, physical therapist can assess if  a child is delayed and design a program to help fully maximize their potential.


At PTatric Therapy, we work hand in hand with parents to develop appropriate treatment plans for each child. With infants, the physical therapist will teach parents facilitation techniques to help their baby acquire early motor milestones such as propping, rolling, crawling and sitting. Parents will spend a large portion of the sessions physicaly working with their child to ensure comfort with the exercises. Both the parent and the child will grow accustom to the exercises allowing for consistency and comfort at home.  With older children, the physical therapist will utilize a multi-sensory approach to assist the development of skills such as jumping, running, hopping and ball play while working on strength, balance and coordination. The ultimate goal of therapy is to improve the child’s confidence while playing with their peers and maximize their participation in their home, school and community environments.

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