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Our mission at PTatric Therapy, LLC is to provide quality physical therapy evaluation and treatment for the pediatric population in a fun and friendly environment. While we are primarily center based, we offer consultation and treatment in local schools, daycares and home settings when warranted.

  Physical Therapy
  • Comprehensive evaluations of children ages birth through adolescence

  • Individual treatment sessions tailored specifically to the needs of the child

  • Consultations  and collaboration with family, related therapists, teachers and medical professionals involved in the child’s program

  • Site visits to schools and daycares including participation in IEP and 504 school programs

  • Formulation of home programs




School Observation
  • Direct observation in school setting​

  • Collaborate with teachers on tasks​

  • Develop techniques to communicate​

  • Assist with program modification​

  • Provide resources for school staff​


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